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PRP-Non Surgical Hair Treatment

PRP-Non Surgical Hair Treatment


PRP treatment


Who Can Undergo PRP Treatment ?

Any  Person  With Hair fall, Early Baldness, Post –acne  Scar  Or  Post  Chicken Pox  Scars, Stretch Marks and those  who  want  skin  rejuvenation  can undergo this treatment.


  • Platelet Rich plasma  (PRP)  therapy is an innovative method, with many implications.
  • It is mainly used for hair restoration treatment, skin rejuvenation and also for scar treatment .

What is PRP?
PRP is a concentrate which is derived from patient's own blood. It contains many growth factors which are helpful for hair growth and scar remodeling.

How is PRP Created?
Patient’s blood is withdrawn and is centrifuged in such a way that growth factors are released and also amplified .

How is PRP administered?
PRP is Administered With Very Small Injections Or by mesotherapy. Usually a numbing (Anesthetic) Cream is applied prior to the procedure to reduce the pain.

Advantages PRP:
  • Simple, non surgical Procedure
  • Safe and reliable result
  • Quick  recovery period as compared to any Surgery
  • Natural looking result

Risks With PRP ?
As Such Patient’s Own blood is used for treatment so there are rarely any risks for allergic reaction. Overall it is a very useful and safe treatment.