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Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Everything has beauty. Be Confident!

Had the nose of your favorite celebrities been a little deformed, they wouldn’t have made it that large in the industry! Everyone has an urge to look more beautiful in the world of glitz of glamour and cosmetic surgery in Ahmedabad has become a boon for such people.

Midas Touch has come up with Rhinoplasty surgery in ahmedabad commonly known as a nose job for correcting and reconstructing the shape and form of your nose through plastic surgery. For those conscious about bulky or flat nose, shallow dorsum, and bifid tips, Rhinoplasty helps them change their nose defects by perfecting it beyond imagination. However, the cosmetic nose procedure can only be opted by male patients above the age of 17 and female patients above the age of 15. At Midas Touch, we offer excellent results for Rhinoplasty surgery in Ahmedabad with precise and perfect reconstruction
.Nose is the defining feature of your face. Now aesthetically enhance your nose and live with confidence by going under the knife, and add to your beauty!

Dr. Santosh Raibagkar is an expert and certified plastic surgeon and has completed his M.Ch in Plastic Surgery from KEM Hospital Mumbai. He has over 30 plus years of experience in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. Being connected with L.G General Hospital AMC MET, SION Hospital Bombay, and SCL Hospital Ahmedabad, he has contributed into academics and educated the upcoming generation of doctors.


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