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Cosmetic & Bridal Dentistry

Cosmetic & Bridal Dentistry

Express yourself with a smile

Oral health and a sense of well-being are important to flaunt a gorgeous smile in those selfies. Lack of proper care and poor oral hygiene can actually lead to many health problems, including: Oral and facial pain. So, whether you are 80 or 8 take care of your teeth and gums and adorn that pretty smile!

What are you waiting for? Start your excellent oral health care regime with the help of expert doctors at Midas Touch where they aim to give all their patients a better experience. Your first step towards your Oral health starts here! With an advanced dental laboratory and proper guidance, Midas Touch is one of your trusted centres for Cosmetic and Bridal Dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry aims to create a positive change in your teeth and provide you with a refreshing, natural-looking smile that will make you look great and feel better about yourself.


At Midas touch we cover varied cosmetic dentistry services such as:

Dental Spa
Tooth Tattoo
Teeth Whitening      
Laser Cosmetic Gum Treatment
Bridal Dentistry        
Full Mouth Rehabitation by Zircoria  crown
Dental Implants

Tooth Jewellery
Laser Bleaching
Tooth Space Closing
Invisalign Braces
Smile Designing

Know more about these treatments!!

Tooth Jewellery:

Add a spark to your personality with a teeth jewellery that helps you to flash a million dollar smile! The procedure of fixing the diamond is very simple and usually takes only 10 to 15 minutes. Choose from various fun designs, colors, crystals, diamonds and gold. The jewellery can be easily removed without any damage to the tooth and also can be fixed again at a later stage. Validity of the stud varies from 6 months to years.

Tooth Tattoo:

Bored with the body art? Get a tattoo on your teeth –a cool emerging trend that is all the rage these days! The tooth tattoo is as vibrant as well as permanent as any other tattoo. They are part of the ceramic process, robust and durable, but just in case, most of these tattoos can easily be removed in five minutes in the dentist’s office with just a little polishing with a rubber wheel.

Dental Spa:

Dental Treatment has come way ahead of times with the introduction of Dental Spas where patients become clients and get specialised services that make them look and feel better. At Midas touch you can expect, cleaning, pampering and polishing with the world's best polishing cream and get whiter, shiner teeth within 15 mins.

Laser Bleaching:

Laser bleaching has taking dentistry to the next level and is highly popular way to whiten your teeth.  If you are looking to correct your dull smile within no time, laser bleaching is the correct option for you as the whole procedure takes only about one hour.

Teeth Whitening:

At Midas touch we help you get the most beautiful smile ever within 15 minds with the Teeth Whitening treatment. Get two to three tones shiner and brighter teeth, with minimum sensitivity. This method is very popular, effective, fast and safe. Get the most gorgeous smile and make it your signature accessory.

Tooth Space Closing:

If you have gaps in teeth, Midas Touch has a Teeth Space Closing service that will close the gaps with bonding. This is the most economical and conservative approach and can also be done when the tooth is chipped or broken.

Laser Cosmetic gum treatment:

Repair the uneven gum lines and give yourself a smile that you can be proud of. Reshape those excessive gum tissues, or get the black spots or patches on the gums removed with the gingival depigmentation service.


Dental veneers can improve the appearance of your teeth. They are an effective way to restore teeth that are chipped, stained, discolored, crooked or have gaps. Veneers are composed of zirconia and porcelain.


Bridal Dentistry:

Midas Touch offers a range of cosmetic and general dentistry treatments to get that picture perfect smile on your wedding day. Get brighter, whiter and radiating smile for your special day within an hour and flash your best smile to get captured!