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Breast Reshaping

Breast Reshaping

Empower yourself Beautiful!

Majority of the woman in the world are unhappy with their breast size or are suffering from breast problems. A major study has shown that size, shape and proportion of the breast enhance their looks and boosts their self-esteem, sense of physical balance, femininity, and confidence.  If you aren’t satisfied with the shape or contour of your breasts or are suffering from any breast problems like breast cancer, you should go for breast treatment.

Breast Surgery, is the top cosmetic surgery performed today in the world. At Midas Touch, we offer the highest quality breast reshaping surgery in Ahmedabad, That is performed by top consultant plastic surgeon in Ahmedabad. Our team includes highly qualified and experienced experts who use their years of expertise to ensure you find the right option for your needs.

Midas Touch is pleased to offer safe and effective breast surgery options that can be customized to fulfill the specific aesthetic goals of each patient:

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1)    Breast Augmentation:

Breast augmentation surgery involves using breast implants or fat, referred to as fat transferbreast augmentation, to increase the size of your breasts or restore breast volume that has been lost after weight reduction or pregnancy.

The procedure involves using implants to enlarge the breasts or correct asymmetry or unevenness in breast size caused by developmental problems or breast cancer surgery performed in the opposite breast.

If you are suffering from breast cancer, or want to enhance the size and shape of the breast – Breast Augmentation is the perfect option for you! There are two types of breast augmentation:

  • Breast Implant
  • Fat Injection (Fat Transfer)

(A) Breast Implant:

Breast implant surgery is a part of breast augmentation where prosthesis is used to change the shape, size and contour of the breasts.
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Types of Breast Implant Surgery:

Saline Implants – Saline-filled breast implants are filled with sterile salt water. They may be prefilled at a predetermined size or filled at the time of surgery to allow for minor modifications in implant size.

Silicon Implants – Silicone-filled breast implants are filled with soft, elastic gel and are available in a variety of shapes. All silicone breast implants are pre-filled and may require a longer incision for implant placement.

Cohesive gel implants – Cohesive gel silicone implants, also known as “gummy bear” or “form stable” implants, are filled with a cohesive gel, made of crosslinked molecules of silicone, which makes them a bit thicker and firmer than traditional silicone implants. This enables them to hold their shape better. Approved by the FDA for use these implants have been available in much of the world.


(B) Fat Transfer:

Fat Transfer removes fat through liposuction from an area of your body in which there is abundant fat cells, such as your thighs, abdomen and hips and is injected into your breast. This is a less common method than breast implant augmentation and is still undergoing clinical studies and research for safety and effectiveness.

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2)    Breast Lift:

A breast lift addresses sagging, uneven breasts, decreased breast volume, droping nipples and stretched areolas (the darker area surrounding the nipples), recreating a youthful shape and lift to your breasts.

Every year, thousands of women undergo successful breast-lift surgery, experience no major problems and are pleased with the results.

Cosmetic surgeons use a variety of incision techniques for breast lift surgery; the exact technique used will vary based on a patient’s existing breast tissue, the amount of excess skin to be removed, and her personal goals.

Your cosmetic surgeon will recommend the type of breast lift that will achieve optimal results with the least conspicuous scarring possible.

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3)    Breast Reduction:

Breast reduction, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is a procedure to remove excess breast fat, glandular tissue, and skin to achieve a breast size in proportion with your body and to alleviate the discomfort associated with overly large breasts.

This procedure has dual benefits of improving your appearance while relieving the physical and emotional burden of overly large breasts.

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4)    Breast Reconstruction:

There are many different reconstruction techniques available. Your healthcare team can talk to you about the options that may be right for you, but it's in your best interest to do your own research, too. If you know someone else who had reconstruction, you might find it helpful to talk to her about her decision process, her
doctors, and her satisfaction with the results.
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Breast reconstruction generally falls into two categories: implant-based reconstruction or flap reconstruction.  Implant reconstruction relies on breast implants to help form a new breast mound. Flap (or autologous) reconstruction uses the patient's own tissue from another part of the body to form a new breast.

(A)  Breast  Reconstructions  Surgery:

Women who have surgery as part of their breast cancer treatment may choose breast reconstruction surgery to rebuild the shape and look of the breast. There are different types of breast reconstruction. Learn about all your options and what to expect before and after your surgery.

(B)  Understanding a breast cancer diagnosis:

If you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer, you’ve probably heard a lot of different terms used to describe your cancer. breast cancer surgeon in ahmedabad use information from your breast biopsy to learn a lot of important things about the exact kind of cancer you have. You may also need more tests to get more details, such as the stage of the cancer.

(C)  Breast Reconstruction Options:

There are many different options and types of breast reconstruction procedures. Some are done (or started) at the same time as mastectomy, while others are done later. Learn more about your options.

(D)  Implant Reconstruction:

The photographs included on this page are the results of reconstructive procedures performed by the surgeons at the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery.

Using an implant to rebuild the breast requires less surgery than flap reconstruction, since it only involves the chest area (and not a tissue donor site). Still, it may require more than one procedure. It also may require additional surgery in the future, as implants can wear out and develop other issues, such as tightness of scar tissue around the implant.

The implant is placed under the pectoral chest muscle. For implant reconstruction, the length of the surgery and your time of recovery are usually shorter than for flap reconstruction.